Leatherneck Search and Rescue Training, based in South Texas ,  travels and  teaches all over Texas as well as others states.  Our goal is to teach quality training . We teach a variety of courses, which can be customized to meet your department needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us, and we will customize a course or make a new one.  Leatherneck Search and Rescue Training caters to a variety of students including, but not limited to, Fire, Law Enforcement Agencies, EMS, Military, Industrial and Public Safety. Classes can be taught to large or small groups, and individuals seeking education are always encouraged to contact us to see if we can fit you into an upcoming class. 

Leatherneck Search and Rescue Training is compliant with NIMS 100.b, 200.b, 700.a, 800.b, NFPA, Texas Forest Service, OSHA, CE, FEMA, DHS

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