Flood And Swift Water Technician courses

FAST Awarness


1 day lecture and table top discussion


Target audience is Chiefs, Commanders, EOC operators, Dispatch, Non Rescue EmergencyPersonnel, Planning Directors and Emergency Service Personnel that will not meet the Technician Level .


The course will cover planning, logistics, dangers, communications in water environments, ICS, equipment, hydrology, power point demonstration, and techniques used in the field.


The person attending should leave with the knowledge of what could be expected in a flood or swift water emergency





FAST First Responder


1 day course, covers individual saftey. hydrology, communications and shore base techniques. Covers in- depth topics starting with background and history of flood and swiftwater rescues. Recognized standards, training,Incident Command, communication, rescue equipment, safety concerns, search elements, physical and trchnical considerations for the victim (s) and rescuer (s), Anchor and rope systems. Throw lines, belay techniques, survival swim. 




FAST Operations


2 day course. Usually runs concurrent with any FAST R1 class. Covers all the same knowledge and field technical skills. Operations participants learn to assist FAST R1 technicians. 




FAST For USCG AST And Surface Rescue Swimmers


3 day course. Covers all knowledge and techniques taught in FAST 1 with modifications for USCG AST and Surface Rescue swimmers.





Covers in depth topics starting with background of flood and swiftwater rescues. Recognized standards, training, Incident Command, communication, rescue equipment, safety concerns, search elements, physical and technical risks, hydrology, medical considerations for victim(s) and rescuer(s), Anchor and rope systems, Throw lines, belay techniques, survival swim, rescue swims, rope crossing techniques, shallow and deep water techniques, wall/abutment rescues, bridge rescue, entrapment recovery, boats, vehicle rescues, self defense and practical exercises allowing the student a chance to put it all togther. The FAST R1 Tech will have the knowledge base, technical skills and physical abilities to determine the best course of action on a rescue scene. HOURS: 27 hours over 2.5 days, including 1 night training.



      USCG approved Type III or V PFD ( Type V preferred)


        Wet suit boots with hard sole bottom or tennis shoes


        Water or vertical rescue helment


         Full wet or Dry suit as weather conditions dictate


         Water or abrasion protective gloves





         2 day and 2 night course. Takes the personal and team levels techniques to advanced levels. All areas are expanded including lager scale disastere, more detailed search management, day and night search functions, night operations technical skills, advanced boat and rope systems, rescue baskets and slings on banks, advanced 2 point type V PFD operations, night search missions and number practical exercises. Also included are motorized IRB and PWC operations. FAST R2 techs will be in a better position to handle searches , interviews and advanced rescue situations. 







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