Vertical Rescue Technician Courses

VRT Awareness


1 day course and table top discussion. The target audience is Chiefs, Commanders, EOC operators, Dispatches, Non-Rescue Emergency Personnel, Planning Director, and Emergency Personnel that will not be at the technician. The course will cover planning, logistics, dangers, communication in vertical environments, ICS, equiptment, and power point demonstration of techniques used in the field. The person attending should leave with knowlwdge of what could be expected in a vertical emergency. 



VRT Level 1 - Wilderness


Two day course covering basic rappelling, ascending, search and equiptment. Locate and Access. Covers in depth topics starting with background and history of Vertical rescue. Reconized standards, training. Incident Command, commuication, rescue equipment, saftey concers, search elements, physical and technical risks, medical considerations for victom(s) and resucer(s), anchor and rope systems, descending, ascending, rescue rigging, individual rescue techniques and practical excersises allowing the student a chance to put it all together.






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